Kona Ambassadors



Hey, My name is Candi and I’m a makeup artist, model and the owner of Peekd Media Agency.


I’m crazy creative, I love having fun and I am a firm believer in being kind and spreading the love!


Alohaa! I’m Chantel and I’m a model at Boss Models full time. I love inspiring women in being confident and always feeling beautiful. I’m humble and love adventures!


Where do I start. My love for fashion has always fascinated me and it all started ever since I was a little kid (I guess playing dress up never seemed to have ended). It gave me a chance to stand out, be unique, and express who I really am. That’s why it’s so great – it gives us a chance to reinvent ourselves with confidence; a chance to use creativity to design a whole new world. For me, a job in fashion would be a dream come true.


Besides my extreme love for fashion, I am extremely passionate about fitness and I live by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am a very outgoing and sociable person who strives on challenges and who constantly sets goals for myself. I guess that’s why I love health and fitness so much – there’s always a goal to work towards.


Fashion and fitness has not only empowered me to be a strong independent woman but it’s the fuel that drives me to excel.

I literally live and breathe the ocean. There’s not a day that goes by where I can’t be near it. That’s why I decided that the yachting industry would be the perfect place for me. I have been working on the yachts for the past 3 years with the goal to save enough money to one day build my own fashion brand.


When I’m not working on the yachts, I do partime work in the form of brand photoshoots relating to the fashion and fitness world. I also manage various social groups where I help entrepreneurs come together and assist them with growing their social media presence.


In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors. Hiking, surfing, skating, relaxing on the beach – anything to do with the ocean and nature, that’s where you will find me.



Talitha is the name but I go by Tee, which is way easier. An IFBB competitive athlete since 2018, with a passion for health and fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle and being active. If I am not in the gym or training, I am probably eating & enjoying life through food because I do love my food!! Yes! I hold 2 IFBB SA Champ titles, my Protea colours in bodybuilding and absolutely thrive off being on the stage! I love spending time with my friends and family… I aim to inspire and motivate people in all aspects of life, that is my main goal & feel like it is my purpose, having comeback from a broken ankle.



Ola, my name is Tatton and I am an attorney by day, South African Underwater Hockey Player and Crossfitter the rest of the time. I live life on the principles of discipline and passion, but I’m not all work and no play. I definitely laugh at my own jokes, bring on all them laugh lines.



Ello me Danielle, I have an obsession with all animals, big or small, I love all colours although I love turquoise and teal the best. I enjoy reading David Walliams books late at night, with my dogs, Misty and Shadow, by my side. Being a veterinarian for wild animals or being a paediatrician has always interested me. Cookies and cream flavoured desserts are always a delight. I love movies, especially when watching them with my friends and family and of course, you can never go wrong with a terrific holiday or an amazing outfit!



I’m Layla-Grace a.k.a LG a.k.a AunyTauny (aspiring ornithologist with auburn hair).

I’m a nacho loving, guitar playing, backstroke swimming future vet from Sunny Durban.

I have 1 dog called Paw-Paw (who is more like a sister), 5 fish, 12 birds and 1 hamster.

I love spending time with my family and crafting imaginary games with my cousins. Go Moggins!

My Kona Superpower is infinite energy!!



Hi I’m Peyanka and I love to dance ,sing and skate. My favourite colors are purple and blue ,I love to take pictures and do crazy jumps ,spins and stretches. Bubblegum ice cream is my favorite and I can eat it all day long




Hey I’m Meiks, I love eating pancakes and cart wheeling! My favourite sport is hockey, I have two pet cockatiel’s – Mango and Mohawk, they enjoy squawking and playing. My bestie’s name is Harlow. I have cousins in Mauritius who I love video calling. When I grow up I would like to be a hockey player, a teacher, eat loads of sour straps and get to stay up late.



Hi I’m Harlow.. You can call me Harly Barly. I’m 8 going on 32.. (so my mom says!) I have the most adorable Beagle boy named Spennie or SPENCER when he’s naughty, he’s a sock loving, couch hogging, cuddle monster. My best friend is Meika and we LOVE all the same things.. Even silk worms. Most days you’ll find me on the couch doing a head stand, munching on my daily punnet of strawberries or being bossed around by my big sister. I like all sorts of different things.. I’m a real fashionista, all things bright and sparkly and nothing is too over the top.. I like to think of myself as original. After school, I fill my afternoons with hockey, ballet, gymnastics, Acro and piano.. AND always make time for reading.. David Walliams is my FAV! I love my family and friends with all my heart and every creature big or small! Something not many people know about me is.. I love washing dishes.. I know NUTS! Don’t let my size fool you.. Shortie I may be, but dynamite definitely comes in small packages.



Hi there I’m Kylan and I love dancing and doing fun tricks. My favourite colour is purple and I love all of my pets I have a very naughty and chubby beagle called Oakley or as I like to call him Popo shark, I also have 2 Guinea pigs named Muffin and Mcflurry and 2 bunnies named Nosh and Dash and they are all big munchers. I like to fill my days with acro, ballet, gymnastics, piano and contemporary. I am in grade 6 and have lots of friends. I also enjoy reading, playing with my pets and doing any type of drawing or art. I love going on any type of holiday especially with my cousins no matter if it’s hot in Ballito or cold in the Drakensberg we always have fun. I love baking with my granny’s, my most favourite part is licking the bowl. I hope to one day be a professional dancer or maybe a vet, but Secretly living on a farm with a million animals would be my ultimate dream come true!

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