About Us


‘Kona’ – A brand brought to life by 3 enthusiastic siblings joining forces to create a family run business, they have combined the best of their qualities and skills  into something they can all induge in!  Not only do they strive for quality and attention to detail in their collections, but most importantly affordability,  bringing you the latest trends, locally produced, while also including a few international gems.

Meet The Crew

Nicole, a wife, mom to two feisty fairies, and big sister of the team. A lover of all things pretty. Nicole throws her whole heart into everything she sets her mind to and dives in head first, she is definitely a more is ‘MORE’ ‘kinda’ person, she actions things quickly, and never looks back,she wears many hats and succeeds in her endeavours. She is most definitely the one keeping everyone in line, lets just call her ‘The Boss Lady’!
Bryce, the middle child.. and self appointed ‘creative director’, claims to know ‘how women think’! A family man, who is never afraid to get his hands dirty and put in the hard work, always puts others’ needs before himself, can be counted on to keep us laughing, and keeping things on the lighter side of life, with never a dull moment on his adventures. He is level headed and brings a unique sense of personality to the brand. 
Brad, the ‘not so small’ baby of the family, an extrovert, a true socialite, the loudest member of the family has taken on the self appointed role as ‘director’, He definitely has the gift of the ‘gab’, and walks his talk. He is quick minded and assertive, and wastes no time in getting things done. A blooming businessman in his own right, plays a paramount player in the team. 
Together the trio make an extraordinary squad, and have collectively created a brand to suit the crowd.

Our advantages

The things that make us special

We have originality and personality – At Kona we are committed to keeping up to date with the
most on trend designs, we endeavour to be a little different, we are bold yet classy and chic in our
designs. We understand just what our customers need, being comfortable is paramount, and we are
consistent in creating gear that not only enhances your performance but makes you look good too.


Light, breathable, anti-static, and ultra-soft you won’t want to take them off. We value all input
from our customers, and will continue to grow together, bringing you quality and affordable
garments, we promise to never be average.

Kona – The only fit!